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The BuioMetria CORDILIT station restarts its measurements under the Sassoforte

The BuioMetria Partecipativa project, in addition to managing a pool of sky quality meters which are borrowed by citizens in all of Italy, also owns a monitoring station with a logger. This can be deployed in any (enclosed) site and will record time series of data. The sensor is part of the Italian Coordination for the collection of light pollution data (i.e. Coordinamento Italiano per la raccolta dati sull’inquinamento luminoso or CORDILIT). Since 2011, CORDILIT receives data from sensors in various Italian regions.

The BMP sensor was first installed in 2014 above Torniella, in the Farma Valley in a location named “Il Colle“. In 2015 the sensor was removed and spent some time at Politecnico di Milano for some tests. A few weeks ago we brought the instrument back home and just a couple of days ago it was re-deployed in the hills. During the Winter the sensor will be staying by the pool of  Villa San Martino , with the owner, Fabio Bartalucci. The senso will be taking measurement just under the  Sassoforte , and will enjoy with Fabio the view towards the sea and part of the Tuscan archipelago, while we roam through frosty hills and foggy plains to promote the project.

For more information on BuioMetria Partecipativa or CORDILIT:

Fabio Bartalucci con la sua livella al termine dell’installazione della stazione buiometrica.

The presentation for the delegation from Artannes-sur-Indre, France gave in Torniella a presentation for a delegation visiting Roccastrada from Artannes-sur-Indre, France.

We spoke about initiatives and situations from the Farma Valley that non everybody knows and which has been promoting over the past nine years: palla a 21/palla eh!, buiometria partecipativa, the work on bottom-up nature trails started with the participation to the INVOLEN international competition for location-based games, and -finally- a few hints on biodiversity, mentiong the ENVIROFI and FUNDIV projects.

The presentation was followed by a hearty dinner and a live performance be the Torniella community band.

Kudos to the organisers of the twinning between the municipalities for this opportunity.

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The original Chords Trainer (1982)

Distributed and marketed by SAAR srl, Milano, Italy

The description on the package says (note: typos are in original text):

The Chords Trainer is fundamentally the unifying concept of theoretical and harmonical information of music and may become especially for beginners an essential device to work with.
Tecnically the Chords Trainer presents itself as an instrument of easy consultance for everybody: a real and outstanding system of simultaneous information.
Who will carefully consult the Chords Trainer, will put himself in a condition to apply, with an own harmonical instrument, not only the chords, but also the relative harmonical successions.ct-2016-10-28-09-02-36