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High School Internships with mission accomplished

From April 26 to May 14 hosted in Torniella, Southern Tuscany, two students from the Fossombroni High School in Grosseto.

The students supported the association on two tasks: editing information material concerning the Farma Valley (using both pre-existings sources and new documentation acquired directly on the field) and helping with the promotion of the event calendar combining activities from different subjects residing in the hamlets of Torniella, Piloni, and Scalvaia.

These events start with the Summer season, but also cover the colder months, and take place not only in the valley, but also in locations where subjects from the valley are invited. For example we have considered exhibitions of the Band of Torniella, presentation by the BuioMetria Partecipativa project, as well as the traditional palla a 21/palla eh! tournaments.

To be updated, you may subscribe to our English-language mailing list, write us directly or check the billboard which you will see on your right entering Torniella from the South . This was used to show a map of one of the protected areas nearby, but was gradually being ruined. We asked the Municipality about the possibility of re-using the billboard to present both the calendar and a community map of the valley, and since April 30, it’s right there.

We would like to thank the Fossombroni High School for the interested in our project, and Mario Straccali, Giorgio Panerati, Andrea Bartalucci, Remo Ganozzi e Sonia Masini for the support they provided during the activities.

March 4, 2017: Open Data Day in Torniella (with opening in Scansano and closing in Castelnuovo Val di Cecina)

Saturday, March 4, for the International Open Data Day, the beta version of the Farma Valley Community Map will be presented in Torniella (GR), Southern Tuscany: meet us at 6PM in the Torniella Band/ARCI club in the main square of the village.

The event is in the line of initiatives that the founders have been proposing since the birth of, and even earlier, with their experiences in the Italian OSGEO Chapter (, the BuioMetria Partecipativa project (where data are published with an open licence), and similar activities. already held an Open Data Day event in the Farma Valley back in 2013. This year our presence, in addition to promoting the importance of having events in lesser known locations, also extends its reach, creating a small network in Southern Tuscany, with one event before March 4, and one after.

At 6PM on Friday, March 3 in Scansano, at the cafe “La Posta” in Garibaldi square, we will have an opening meet-up. Here we will present to the local community the Farma Valley experiences and we will attempt to launch similar participatory mapping works, having received expressions of interest for this in the past months.

Finally, on March 5, at 6PM, at the Rinascita community club in Castelnuovo Val di Cecina, we will have a third meet-up, organized jointly with Associazione Il Tiglio, providing a summary of the two previous events, and without neglecting the participation of some components ofEtruschi from Lakota.

Last but not least, Saturday evening in Castelnuovo Val di Cecina you might want to check the live set by Eugenio Rodondi (just to chill out a little in the midst of our Open Data events).

The three-day string of events will be the prelude to the mission to Milano at the Fa’ la Cosa Giusta fair, where will will share with a large milanese audience our experiences from Southern Tuscany.

For more information: / +393511337020

The presentation for the delegation from Artannes-sur-Indre, France gave in Torniella a presentation for a delegation visiting Roccastrada from Artannes-sur-Indre, France.

We spoke about initiatives and situations from the Farma Valley that non everybody knows and which has been promoting over the past nine years: palla a 21/palla eh!, buiometria partecipativa, the work on bottom-up nature trails started with the participation to the INVOLEN international competition for location-based games, and -finally- a few hints on biodiversity, mentiong the ENVIROFI and FUNDIV projects.

The presentation was followed by a hearty dinner and a live performance be the Torniella community band.

Kudos to the organisers of the twinning between the municipalities for this opportunity.

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