Welcome to the main site for Attivarti.org, the m(‘)appare association.

m(‘)appare is the combination of two expressions in Italian:

  1. mappare means “to map”
  2. m’appare is “something appearing to me”

Attivarti.org is a non-governmental association based in Torniella (Southern Tuscany, 45 Km South of Siena). We have members in Italy, and operations in and outside of the country. Our main focus is the promotion and protection of lesser known resources.

In practice:

  • Our main project is called BuioMetria Partecipativa, a citizen science initiative related to night sky quality and light pollution. With this, we are also management committee members of the Loss of the Night European research network;
  • Some very interesting experiences are related to the ancient game of Palla Eh! o Palla a 21,
  • We have a consolidated track record in advocacy and awareness raising on open innovation (free/open-source software and open data);

Five random links from our blog:

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You may reach us atinfo@attivarti.org

Our registration number (codice fiscale) isĀ 92072730531

For more English coverage of issues related to Attivarti.org, please visit http://www.pibinko.org

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