Loss of the Night research network

Starting from January 2013, Attivarti.org has been appointed as representative for Italy in the Management Committe of a European research network under the COST program: the Loss of the Night Network (LoNNe).

LoNNe aims to improve knowledge of the multiple effects of increasing artificial illumination worldwide. Innovations in technology and policy are urgently required to address the impact of artificial lighting on the natural environment, biodiversity, ecosystems, human health and society, and to identify potential corrective measures.

Until now, the overwhelming focus for improvements in illumination technology has been with regard to energy and luminous efficiency. Existing research associated with the impact of artificial lighting on various aspects of our environment and lives is fragmented, and generally at best at a regional or national level.

The current potential for networking to enhance mobility between different actors from science, health care, public authorities and industry is limited. LoNNe aims at a cooperation of these players in order to cross-fertilize skills, and to create standard operating procedures. The COST Action will be open to any field of research, with the explicit goals of influencing the development path of modern lighting technology, and creating guidelines for lighting concepts that are ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable.

The COST Action has a duration of four years starting from October 2012.

On February 14-15, 2013, the first meeting of the working groups was held, and more information will follow  in the coming months in relation to news and upcoming initiatives.

For more information: lonne@attivarti.org.